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2022 Sidereal Planetary Transits iCal

2022 Sidereal Planetary Transits iCal

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The 2022 Sidereal Planetary Transits iCal is digital calendar file meant to be imported into your existing iPhone, Android, or computer's calendar program. It can also be viewed as a spreadsheet.

Dates for the 2022 sidereal (Lahiri) planetary sign changes, retrogrades, and aspects (conjunctions, squares, oppositions, and trines.) Includes Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. 

For Moon transits, Download the 2022 Sidereal Moon Transits iCal.

It is strongly recommended that you create a new calendar and upload the iCal into that calendar rather than merging it into your existing calendar. 

How to create a new calendar in Google Calendar

Import events to Google Calendar

How to create a new calendar in iOS Calendar


Apple seems to have removed the feature that allows you to import an iCal file into the Calendar App on iPhones and iPads. You can still import iCal files into the Calendar app on your computer (Mac) and it will show up on your phone if you have your computer synced to your phone via iCloud.

The alternative is to try to email yourself the iCal file (once it's been uncompressed) and see if the Mail will acknowledge the file and give you the option to add it to your calendar.

If that doesn't work, you'll have download Google Calendar to your phone. You will have to go to Google Calendar via your web browser on your phone. And follow the instructions here.

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