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Monthly Horoscope Workbook + 2021 Sidereal Moon Transits iCal

Monthly Horoscope Workbook + 2021 Sidereal Moon Transits iCal

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This workbook by Dayna Lynn Nuckolls walks you through casting, reading, and interpreting your lunar return chart which is your personal monthly horoscope. This digital download includes the 2020 Sidereal Moon Transits iCal file.

A chart cast for the precise moment the transiting Moon reaches the sign and degree the Moon occupies in your birth chart each month serves as your personal, unique monthly horoscope. This is called a Lunar Return Chart (LR). This generally happens 12-13 times per year, about once a month.

A LR can be used as a standalone chart, but functions most accurately and usefully in reference to your natal chart. You can use a LR to:

  • Highlight your personal areas of focus each day and each month;
  • To plan your activities and anticipate changes in your life;
  • See patterns of people, circumstances, and events that progress and resurface from month to month, and over the course of the year.

The Lunar Return: Your Personal Monthly Horoscope
Using this Workbook
Guide: How to Cast Your Lunar Return Chart
Identifying the 4 Most Important Parts of Your Lunar Return
Interpreting Your Lunar Return
Example Lunar Return
---Queen Victoria of England - Lunar Return, Beginning of Reign - June 20, 1837
---Queen Victoria of England Lunar Return Interpretation
Worksheet: Interpreting My Lunar Return
Lunations in My Monthly Horoscope
Worksheet: Interpreting the New Moon
Worksheet: Interpreting the Full Moon
---Sidereal Zodiac Signs
Worksheet: 13 Lunar Returns at a Glance


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