Divination for Liberation by The People's Oracle

Divination for Liberation is a sidereal astrology framework and set of principles for using oracles created by multi-oracle diviner, teacher, writer, and intuitive Dayna Lynn Nuckolls.

  • Cast Your Sidereal Birth Chart

    Use this guide to cast your sidereal birth chart with the specifications required for using the Divination For Liberation framework.

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  • 2023 Sidereal Astrology Guide

    This is the 6th annual sidereal astrology calendar, workbook, and journal that guides you through the personal application of the sidereal astrology of 2023 month by month. Download the PDF to print, or order from a limited supply of printed + bound Guides.

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  • Wounds & Gifts Workshop

    Each part of your sidereal birth chart holds the wisdom of your wounds (relationship experiences), coping strategies (evidence of your survival), and gifts (parts of self developed in relationship). Download this lecture series to discover your Wounds & Gifts.

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