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2024 Sidereal Astrology Guide (Printed + Bound)

2024 Sidereal Astrology Guide (Printed + Bound)

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The 2024 Sidereal Astrology Guide is the 7th annual calendar, workbook, and journal that walks you through the personal application of one year of astrology. No previous astrology knowledge required.

Everything you need to know to use the Guide is in the Guide. Written & Created by Dayna Lynn Nuckolls. 


  • 12-month calendar layout featuring glyphs to show the date of planet sign changes, new/full moons, eclipses, planetary aspects, and planetary retrogrades
  • 12 monthly summaries explaining and interpreting the astrology of each month
  • Fill-in-the-blanks to interpret each specific astro event for your birth chart
  • 4-5 questions that guide you through applying the themes and keeping a record of how the astrology plays out for you over the course of the year
  • Reference tables for interpretation of calendar glyphs; house meanings; sidereal zodiac sign meanings; aspect meanings
  • Table for calculating which signs align with each house of your sidereal birth chart

This is the product listing for the printed + bound version of the Guide. You can find the PDF version of the Guide here.

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