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houses: why they mean what they mean by Dayna Lynn Nuckolls

houses: why they mean what they mean by Dayna Lynn Nuckolls

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What would you think if I told you that the meanings of the houses have absolutely nothing to do with so called natural order of the zodiac signs? Crazy, right? That goes against everything the internet teaches us about astrology.

So, if it’s not the signs—if Aries does not lend its significations to the first house, Taurus to the 2nd, and so on; then where do the meanings come from? As with everything in astrology, we must go back to the planets.

In this this book, we will explore how the 12 houses of an astrology chart have come to mean what they do. If you thought that the 12 houses derived their meanings from the 12 zodiac signs, then this book is set to blow your mind.

Before we get to the actual interpretations of each of the 12 houses, you will be introduced to concepts you’ve likely not heard of before. But, that is a good thing. In order to learn something new, you must gain the prerequisite knowledge that serves as a foundation for what is to come.
In that spirit, I will begin by defining 5 building blocks that comprise the conceptual basis for the meaning and interpretation of the 12 astrological houses. These are:
1. The astronomical & astrological significance of the diurnal;
2. Conceptual significance of light and dark;
3. House classifications (angular, succedent, cadent);
4. Sect, and;
5. Planetary joys.
Each subsequent concept builds on the previous, so you’ll want to take good notes.

By the end of this book, you will have a clear understanding of why the houses mean what they do. The foundational concepts you learn today are invaluable to your general knowledge of astrology, and the astronomical and philosophical logic that undergirds the art and science as a whole.

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