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The People's Oracle

#1: Sidereal Astrology + Sidereal Birth Chart

#1: Sidereal Astrology + Sidereal Birth Chart

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This is a digital download for the audio of Lecture #1 of Divination For Liberation: 4 Lectures on Sidereal Astrology. This lecture is on Sidereal Astrology + Sidereal Birth chart. It was presented December 11, 2021. Includes a PDF of timestamps and references.

In this lecture, Dayna Lynn Nuckolls (The People's Oracle) lays out in detail Divination For Liberation as the ethical, spiritual, and moral framework that informs how oracles should be used. What is an oracle? What is divination? And liberation?

Via a 68-minute lecture, you will listen as Dayna uncovers the technical and philosophical assumptions of the framework of tropical astrology, and how and why sidereal astrology is different. You will come away understanding the function of the planets, sidereal zodiac signs, and houses in the sidereal birth chart.

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